SportsPLAN Studio provides specialized architectural master planning, programming, design and personal services to architects, universities, colleges, and municipalities.

By combining our depth of experience and knowledge with attentive personal service from a SportsPLAN Studio principal, every client gets an exceptional and customized program, plan or design that suits them. SportsPLAN Studio's projects have included university and college facilities, like football stadiums, track and field areas, swimming pools, tennis courts, and baseball/softball fields and more specialized and notable projects like Olympic Stadia, sports medicine facilities, lacrosse fields, and speed skating ovals. We have consulted and designed press boxes, wellness/sports centers, climbing walls, and almost every other type of sports or recreation space you can imagine. We have a long list of references. When can we start assisting you with your next sports or recreation facility?

SportsPLAN Studio specializes in sports facility and recreation facility planning and design, working primarily as consultants to design professionals, institutions and communities. As we have built a body of knowledge regarding design, construction and operations, Pam Scott and Joel Leider have also developed and refined effective planning processes and workshop techniques. Most of our clients are architects or landscape architects who value our early involvement in their projects because we can help school boards, administrators, coaches and parents understand and agree upon critical planning and design issues. Our projects can be seen throughout the U.S., Canada and abroad.

Why SportsPLAN Studio? Insightful experience with planning and operation of sports and recreation facilities. A commitment to personal service by the principals of the firm. A broad range of expertise including master planning, programming, architecture and interior design. Special expertise in equipment specifying, storage solutions, sports medicine facilities, and knowledge of the best materials for courts, tracks, fields, and pools. We work with architects, universities, colleges, and municipalities to create exceptional athletic facilities.

Why are we different? For our collegiate and municipal clients, we specialize in bringing stakeholders together. We work with multiple client groups to define and distill diverse goals, and sometimes conflicting visions, into one valid and coherent program statement, master plan or design concept. We assist in presenting to the Trustees or the School Board, the need for new and better sports facilities and how they support the mission of the institution. Because of our experience with a broad range of clientele, we are able to help you create a practical, exceptional facility that works for you.

For our architect clients, we provide diagrams, details and specifications that work. Our associations with more than 200 design firms have provided opportunities to look through fresh eyes at common and specific sports issues, expanding our experience and knowledge to help our clients answer the tough questions and make informed and creative planning and design decisions.

Bottom line: SportsPLAN Studio professionals have decades of experience with sports and recreation facility programming, planning, and design which allows us to answer the tough questions for our clients and offer informed advice and counsel.

Why Choose SportsPLAN Studio

Our approach.

SportsPLAN Studio is a specialized sports facilities planning practice.

We measure the need for improvements or new construction and produce compelling strategies for achieving those visions. Our work synthesizes imagination and provides intelligent, inventive and thoughtful solutions for the complex questions our clients face.

We have been instrumental in establishing safety guidelines and standards for design.

We have worked with collegiate administrators and athletics and recreation professionals for almost 30 years, resolving conflicts between project stakeholders and blending those voices to shape clear strategic plans.

Our Principals

Who we are

Pam Scott, AIA
Joel Leider, RA
Vice President