Planning and design consultants specializing in sports and recreation

Our work synthesizes imagination and provides our clients with intelligent, inventive and thoughtful solutions for the complex facility problems and operational challenges they face.
We develop original solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. Our experience with facility operations enables us to incorporate design nuances that distinguish truly successful sports and recreation facilities.

With every project assignment, we try to raise the bar.

Our Commitment...
Concentrate on achieving your highest aspirations.

Assess in great detail your needs, develop consensus for a vision equal to your aspirations; then customize our approach to create the reality to match.

Create plans that reflect the commitment of your organization.

Discover the inherent spirit and context of your campus, the culture and philosophy of your department and institution, and integrate that with your needs and aspirations to create projects that are uniquely yours.

Deliver planning and design results of uncompromising function and value.

Incorporate the latest innovations, seek forward-thinking opportunities, maximize economy and operational efficiency to fulfill on your aspirations and vision.

Our Work...

SportsPLAN Studio specializes in programming, planning and design of collegiate sports facilities; often working with multiple client groups, defining and distilling diverse and sometimes conflicting goals and visions. The valid, coherent program statements, master plans or design concepts that result, communicate to administration, trustees and alumni the need for improved sports facilities and the potential for such facilities to reflect and support the mission of the institution. Synthesizing imagination, intelligent and inventive thought, and operational understanding, SportsPLAN Studio works with collegiate institutions, architects and other design professionals to provide thoughtful and original solutions, tailored to each client.