Our Approach

SportsPLAN Studio is a specialized consulting practice, dedicated to planning superior collegiate athletic, recreation and physical education facilities. We measure the need for facility improvements or new construction and produce compelling strategies for achieving those visions.
We have directed the conceptual and strategic planning of nearly 500 sports facilities, and we have developed and managed operational
plans and worked spectator events, so we plan with a unique perspective. Each of our clients has unique objectives, facility visions and
committee dynamics. Our work synthesizes imagination and provides intelligent, inventive and thoughtful solutions for the complex facility questions our clients face. Our specialization has enabled us to participate in many more relevant projects than a general practice architect
could design in a lifetime.

The success of the project will be measured by how effectively the new or renovated buildings support the programmatic and operational objectives. Programming and design choices will influence and in some respects, determine policy and management issues, operational cost recovery and the capability of the facility to accommodate a large number of events and activities. The choice of building materials and equipment will significantly impact the operating costs, maintenance and energy efficiency. Quality programming and a precisely written Architectural Program and Design Criteria Document are essential to ensuring the programmatic and operational objectives are met.

Our clients are concerned about risk management. As we have worked to shape our specialized industry, we have also been instrumental in establishing safety guidelines and standards for design. Where programming and planning rules did not exist, we have researched, tested and created them. Our space programs and concept diagrams provide the basis for viable designs and efficient operations. We select strength and conditioning equipment and other critical equipment. We develop budgets and placement plans. We design solutions for transportation logistics, access and crowd control, food and beverage service, media operations and athlete security. We develop staffing plans and forecast operating expenses and revenues. We have worked with collegiate administrators and athletics and recreation professionals since 1986, resolving conflicts between project stakeholders and blending those voices to shape clear strategic plans.

The role and visibility of sports facilities are reflected in the campus/civic context, collegiate/community spirit and institutional philosophy.
These facilities become symbols with which students, alumni and the community identify. As we have worked for years to advance athletic buildings as distinct and vital facility types, we have learned a lot about institutional pride, student-faculty interaction and the importance of fostering community through planning and design. Architecture is not successful if the result does not demonstrate harmony among the functional, operational, aesthetic and contextual aspects of the project. SportsPLAN Studio listens to and shares information with the client, explores and tests design alternatives and partners with the client to imagine the possibilities. Each assignment is unique, but our objective does not change. We help our clients plan for success.