Tarleton State University Memorial Stadium Improvements

Tarleton State University Memorial Stadium Improvements
Memorial Stadium Improvements - Stephenville, Texas
(Phase 2 improvements)

The University’s drive to NCAA Division I Athletics will begin with a substantial upgrade and expansion of Memorial Stadium.

Building upon the sustained success of the Texans’ athletic program, Tarleton State University is planning the expansion of Memorial Stadium. The first step in the process was to prepare a program of requirements for approval by the Texas A&M Board of Regents. For such an important assignment, President Dottavio and his cabinet turned to the team of Broaddus Planning and SportsPLAN Studio which had collaborated on very similar studies at Texas State and the University of Houston.

The existing stadium track will be removed and reconstructed on an adjacent site in order to create an intimate venue for soccer and football. Other Phase One work will include the construction of new stadium grandstands, spectator services and a new press box with premium seating and hospitality spaces.

The stadium improvements have been planned to accommodate a new student residence hall behind the east stadium grandstand. Future phases of improvements include replacement of the east side grandstands to create a complete stadium enclosure, significant expansion of the Athletic Department and team support facilities in the south endzone building and ultimately perhaps, an upper level west side grandstand.


Feasibility Study
Master Planning
Design Consulting
Equipment Specifications
Operational Planning

Program Features

88,000 Square Feet - Phase One
New Track and Field Stadium
Football and Soccer Field Replacement
Phase Two Stadium Expansion to 15,000
New Press Box and Premium Seating
Stadium Amenities
Expanded Team Support Facilities
Project Programmer: Joel Leider
Prime Consultant: Broaddus Planning
Project Cost: $20 million
Owner Reference: Tye Minckler, V.P.
Completion Date: Programming 2013
Estimated 2016
Tarleton State University Memorial Stadium ImprovementsTarleton State University Memorial Stadium Improvements