Baylor University Hurd Tennis Center and Hawkins Indoor Tennis Center

Baylor University Baylor Tennis Center
Baylor hosted the NCAA Championships in the spring of 2015, and the tennis complex was named by Tennis Magazine in 2015 as the best collegiate facility in the United States.
"We went from eight really bad courts that weren’t level and had no bathroom or bleachers to the nicest facility in the country. We wouldn’t even show recruits the facility back in those days, and now it’s a central part of what we do. It’s had a massive impact on recruiting. The courts have impacted a lot of areas including the experience the kids have here, the fan experience and the development of our program as far as scheduling."
-Matt Knoll,
Baylor Men’s Head Coach

SportsPLAN Studio served the University as special consultant to RBDR Architects on two projects. Completed in 2013, the Hawkins Indoor Tennis Center includes six new indoor courts, elevated spectator grandstands and support facilities. The current work will also add covered VIP seating for the stadium courts and a video display unit.

In 2009, SportsPLAN Studio and RBDR completed three new outdoor courts with terraced spectator seating, and we resurfaced nine existing stadium courts at the Baylor Tennis Center. For the new courts, SportsPLAN Studio prepared bid specifications for the tennis court surfacing on a post-tensioned concrete slab, nets, net posts and scoreboards.

For the existing courts, we examined the aging court surface and prescribed deferred maintenance and repair projects.


Feasibility Study
Master Planning
Design Consulting
Equipment Specifications
Operational Planning

Program Features

Six New Indoor Courts
Elevated Spectator Grandstands
Support Facilities
Three New Outdoor Courts
Nine Resurfaced Outdoor Courts
VIP Seating
Shade Canopies
Video Displays
Project Architect: Joel Leider
Architect of Record: RBDR Architects
Project Cost: $350K - Phase 1
$7 million - Phase 2
Owner Reference: Brian Nicholson,
Assoc. VP for Facility, Planning & Construction
Completion Date: 2009 - Phase 1
2012 - Phase 2
Baylor University Baylor Tennis CenterBaylor University Baylor Tennis Center