Texas State University at San Marcos Bobcat Stadium Improvements

SportsPLAN Studio is currently assisting Program Managers Broaddus and Associates in the completion of a master plan for phased improvements and expansion of Bobcat Stadium.

Phase One improvements are planned to add 9,600 new spectator seats in two corners of the stadium, a new three-level press box with six entertainment suites, and an enclosed stadium club with 120 seats. A new 10,000 SF Strength and Conditioning Center will also be constructed beneath one of the new grandstands to provide space in the end zone Athletic Center for a new configuration of locker rooms. The budget for Phase One improvements is $16 Million.

Phases Two through Five include relocation of the track to an adjacent site and will add a new two level end zone grandstand and a third level sideline grandstand to ultimately increase the stadium capacity to 40,000.

Other improvements include repairs of the cast-in-place concrete grandstand, construction of new wheelchair seating positions with enhanced sightlines, new concessions and toilet facilities.


Feasibility Study
Master Planning
Design Consulting
Equipment Specifications
Operational Planning

Program Features

Phased Seating Expansion
Three-Level Press Box
Entertainment Suites & Club
10,000 sf Strength & Conditioning
Project Architect: Joel Leider
Architect of Record: Broaddus & Associates
Project Cost: $16 million
Owner Reference: Dr. Larry Teis
Director of Athletics
Completion Date: TBD