Texas Tech University Student Recreation Center Expansion

Texas Tech University Student Recreation Center Expansion
We were so fortunate because after the planning committee visited a number of recreation centers, they went out and hired the consultants who had been involved in all of their favorites.
"Joel and his group were good mediators and helped us determine priorities. They were good listeners and very creative. They helped with getting as much as possible for the money available."
- Joe MacLean,
Director, Recreational Sports Texas Tech University

SportsPLAN Studio principal Joel Leider developed a student interest survey instrument and conducted a series of focus group discussions to identify recreational preferences and to gauge the students’ willingness to assess themselves an additional fee to finance the project. Leider worked very closely with Joe MacLean and his staff to turn the students’ wish list into an affordable and operationally viable space program and architectural design.

It was an interesting challenge to work with an ambitious program, a tight budget and the University’s renewed commitment to the Spanish Renaissance style of its original buildings. Leider managed the project through the design development phase and brought BRW Architects aboard to serve as the Architect of Record. He provided continuing design and technical guidance through the construction phases.


Feasibility Study
Master Planning
Design Consulting
Equipment Specifications
Operational Planning

Program Features

New Three Court Gymnasium
1/8 Mile Jogging Track
Fifty Foot Rock Climbing Structure
11,000 SF of Strength and Fitness
Group Exercise Studios
Renovated 50-meter Pool
Gymnasium Renovations and Dasher Boards
Project Manager: Joel Leider
Architect of Record: BRW Architects
Project Cost: $12 million
Owner Reference: Joe MacLean, Director
Completion Date: 2002
Texas Tech University Student Recreation Center ExpansionTexas Tech University Student Recreation Center Expansion