Central Texas Events Complex

Central Texas Events Complex
"This complex will make Georgetown and Williamson County a destination for national and regional tournaments. Even in the State of Texas, known for big time sports and events, this will be special."
"It's awesome...in large part due to your design guidance. Thanks."
- Stephen Coulston,
Project Manager J. A Broaddus & Associates

"You guys have done a wonderful job. I'll happily write a letter of reference for you if you like."
- Russell Peterman,
Steering Committee Chair

SportsPLAN Studio has completed initial programming, planning and conceptual design work on an incredible 170-acre sports and event complex near Georgetown, Texas.

Working with program managers Broaddus Associates and RVI Landscape Architects, SportsPLAN Studio conducted a series of programming meetings and a physical planning workshop with representatives of the County, the City of Georgetown Parks and Recreation, the School District, the Convention and Visitors Bureau. During that two-day workshop, the consultant team produced four alternative plan concepts and a preferred final scheme.

SportsPLAN provided guidance with operations planning and financing options and developed footprints and conceptual designs for each of the proposed sports facilities.


Feasibility Study
Master Planning
Design Consulting
Equipment Specifications
Operational Planning

Program Features

12,000 Seat Stadium (future 18,000)
8,000 Seat Coliseum
Rodeo Arena and Support Facilities
Two Baseball Stadia
Eight Softball Fields
Three Soccer Fields
400-Meter Track and Soccer Stadium
Jogging and Nature Trails
Conference Center, Hotel and Restaurant
Project Architect: Joel Leider
Project Cost: $70 million
Owner Reference: Russ Peterman
Completion Date: 2007
Central Texas Events ComplexCentral Texas Events Complex