Pepperdine University Athletic/Recreation Facilities Master Plan

Pepperdine University Athletic/Recreation Facilities Master Plan
Pepperdine University recognized the need to create facilities equal to the quality of their outstanding athletic programs.

Pepperdine University is home to several top athletic programs, among them men’s and women’s volleyball and basketball. Although they have played for many years in a multiple use gymnasium, their success has increased consistently. Recognizing the need to improve the facilities for continued excellence in athletics, as well as expanded recreational use, the administration authorized a master planning and programming effort to determine the needs for both athletics and recreation. Working with NTD Architects, SportsPLAN Studio has undertaken an existing facility condition survey and begun programming and planning for a new 5,000 seat performance venue and a full athletic support facility. In addition, recreational users will have greatly expanded access to court space, activity rooms and fitness areas. Outdoors, a new soccer stadium, improvements to the baseball stadium, a new competition pool and recreation fields will be part of the Master Plan.

Among the challenges at Pepperdine are the steep topography and the required adherence to limitations on new space, set by the California Coastal Commission. The exquisite site of the campus on the Pacific Coast provides a unique opportunity to create a major spectator facility, while incorporating the desired sense of community and sense of home so important at Pepperdine.


Feasibility Study
Master Planning
Design Consulting
Equipment Specifications
Operational Planning

Program Features

5,000-seat Performance Gymnasium
Recreation Gymnasium
Strength Training
Fitness Center
Water Polo Pool
Soccer Stadium
Baseball Stadium Improvements
Athletic Training
Athletic Equipment
Performance Studio
Project Architect: Pam Scott
Architect of Record: NTD Architects
Project Cost: TBD
Owner Reference: Dr. John Watson
Completion Date: TBD
Pepperdine University Athletic/Recreation Facilities Master PlanPepperdine University Athletic/Recreation Facilities Master Plan