University of Oklahoma Headington Family Tennis Center

University of Oklahoma Headington Family Tennis Center
The OU Tennis Complex is a wonderful tournament venue. It’s one of college sports’ best tennis facilities.
"We took a leap of faith with the outdoor courts and they have been fantastic in every way. They have been highly appreciated. We always receive great reviews from the teams we play and the tournaments we have hosted and now we are going to have this indoor facility that I am absolutely certain will be one of the more respected places on a college campus in terms of intercollegiate tennis."
- Joe Castiglione,
Athletic Director University of Oklahoma

The Headington Family Tennis Center and the Gregg Wadley Indoor Tennis Pavilion are the home facilities for Oklahoma men’s and women’s tennis. Since 2003, the University has hosted Big 12 Championships and several NCAA First & Second Rounds tournaments with these high quality tennis venues. There are 12 outdoor courts with 720 stadium chair seats and six indoor courts with an elevated spectator gallery.

Phase One began with a planning workshop for the tennis complex, soccer practice fields, new outdoor track field and an indoor football practice facility. Phase Two added stadium chairs, team clubhouses, spectator service facilities and the adjacent soccer stadium. With a very aggressive schedule and tight project budget, the Phase Three indoor courts were completed in 2009 at 8% below the design team cost estimate.

SportsPLAN Studio worked in association with LWPB Architects on the various phases of the project.


Feasibility Study
Master Planning
Design Consulting
Equipment Specifications
Operational Planning

Program Features

Twelve Post-tensioned Concrete Courts
Cast-in-place Concrete Grandstands
Space for Portable Tournament Seating
Court Lighting and Distributed Sound
Six Indoor Tennis Courts
Home Team and Visitor Locker Rooms
Second Floor Spectator Gallery
Fitness Center
Trophy Displays and Lobby
Management Office
Spectator Support Facilities
Project Architect: Joel Leider
Architect of Record: LWPB Architects
Project Cost: $1 million - Phase 1
$6.1 million - Phase 3
Owner Reference: Larry Naifeh
Completion Date: 2001 - Phase 1
2009 - Phase 3
University of Oklahoma Headington Family Tennis CenterUniversity of Oklahoma Headington Family Tennis Center